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Nickyolive logo sitting on a rainbow of paint swatches
NickyOlive is a Tasmanian Artist specialising in colourful unique animal art. 
Here you’ll discover pet portraits of dogs and cats, horses, alpaca and rooster. Animal portraits of wombats, koalas, and Tasmanian Devils, fox, and deer, and many more. 

‘NickyOlive's style is a unique blend of acrylic paint, a hand cut stencil, and spray paint. 

The colours are quite thick on the canvas and the texture is an obvious stroke of paint.

The black outline is at times sharp and in other places soft with overspray. 

The white negative space is just as important and interesting as the painted. 


Overall the image is recognisable but the personality and expression is open to interpretation.’

‘As each portrait is created the name and personality of each animal is disclosed. Some quickly make themselves known, others are shy and wait until the painting is finished before revealing their truth. 

All created to make you smile.’



All available original paintings can be purchased from the NickyOlive Etsy shop. 


Navigate through the Etsy Shop or Gallery in the top menu.

Follow NickyOlive on Instagram, and Facebook to stay up to date with all new work. 

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