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* Please note I am not currently taking any commissions.

When I reopen commissions it'll be announced on the socials.

I work directly from a single photo, but I do like a few to choose from, because not every photo works (please tell me if you have a preference for a particular photo, I can certainly try to make that work first.) The best photos are full body, and well lit. The style requires the brain to fill in information, so the best photos tend to show the animal in a more traditional position, such as sitting or laying. While often a great photo, legs, ears and tongues in 'weird' positions tend to create a less recognisable image. The better quality the photo the greater the detail I can incorporate in the portrait. It is also best if you can email the photo to me at the highest quality to retain those details. If you are interested to know the process of how your photo is turned into a portrait, check out my blogpost.

While most of my portraits contain 'rainbow' colours, some of the portraits just don't want that many colours and I have to minimise colour selection. You may also prefer a limited or muted colour selection. Please let me know if you have a colour preference, I generally work on the assumption of 'rainbow' colours but if the portrait doesn't want that many colours I will come back to you with other options. 

I work primarily on A3 canvas card. It has a lovely canvas like texture but is 290gsm card, so it transports easily and can be framed easily too. This is only large enough for a single animal though.


Pricing for A3 Canvas Card

- A certain breed/animal in which I choose the photo and retain the digital image and stencil to be used at my discretion.


- A pure breed animal with your photos, I retain the digital image and stencil to use at my discretion.


- A beautiful mutt with your photos.



I can also work on a larger hand stretched deep edge canvas which comes ready to be hung.

This is recommended if you want multiple animals in the single portrait.

Pricing and sizes are an indication only. Your image will dictate the dimensions of the final canvas, some work beautifully in a square, others work better in a portrait or landscape orientation. Let me know how big you want to go and I can work within that. 

Pricing for Hand Stretched Deep Edge Canvas 

up to 24"x24" - $570

up to 30"x30" - $620

up to 36"x36" - $720

greater than 36"x36" price on application

For portraits of multiple animals, add an extra $80 per head.

There is a $50 discount available for purebreds, in which I retain the digital image and stencil to use at my discretion.


$100 deposit will be required before work starts on a stretched canvas. 


Australian domestic shipping is included in all prices.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for portrait completion.

Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions. 

All artworks are copyright of Nicole Hutchins(NickyOlive) and no images are to be used without my consent. I retain the full rights to all artworks, whether sold or commissioned. No artworks are to be reproduced in any way, unless by me, the artist. No artworks are to be recreated and sold, including any online tutorials. If you are unsure of a copyright issue, please email me at for more information.

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